Using the The Before I die I want to… project (BIDIWT) as a platform, our training program, builds leadership and community by giving individuals in your company, organization and/or group the opportunity to connect and engage a larger network of people. Impacting your organization, target audience, country and the world, the BIDIWT training helps you to make a national and global impact.

The training program sends your team on a personal journey where individuals discover and dissolve what stands between them and others. It allows them to give people the gift of being heard by training participants how to really listen. Through introspection, conversation and challenging but fun activities, the training builds deeper relationships within and outside of the organization, as participants reveal parts of themselves that are usually hidden, reawakening their sense of connectedness and aliveness.

The training takes participants through a series of exercises that get them in touch with their purpose in this life and what they truly want before the end of their days. By getting in touch with their own personal desires, they are able to help others to do the same, allowing people in their own community to be who they always wanted to be.

The BIDIWT training is an exploration of the heart, mind and soul as participants delve into important subjects that are usually taboo in society, integrating these conversations back into the culture. Topics such as forgotten dreams, hopes and death and dying are put back on the table in a safe way.

The training gives participant’s self-confidence as they take their project out into their community. Planning and executing something bigger than themselves and seeing a large-scale project come to fruition inside of a supported environment creates leadership, teamwork and accomplishment.

The training program also gives participant’s guidance on the practical aspects of the BIDIWT project, showing them how to carry out the project within a timeframe. Some areas of practical training include:

  • Using a Camera
  • Interviewing
  • Capturing video
  • Scanning and Photoshopping basics
  • Posting for social media
  • Team leadership
  • Getting media attention
  • Creating a plan and executing it

The training welcomes people of all beliefs, colors, and creeds, from all walks of life, ages, and economic, social, political, and religious backgrounds and is secular in nature.

We also offer single day speaking engagements and workshops.


“The BIDIWT training experience helped us achieve two long-standing goals within Fondazione Floriani. The first was that the people who work at the organization would become closer as a team. We wanted to go beyond just being colleagues to be more like family. Because of the training we were able to go more deeply in our relationships, both at the office and outside of it. As we grew more cohesive as a group we were able to realize our second goal, which was to learn how to approach people. Initially we had doubts about stopping strangers in the street to start a conversation on such a deep and difficult topic. But after the training, our confidence and communication with people was very natural and has happened with an ease that we didn’t know was possible. Being able to talk with people from different walks of life and become close to each other, is amazing! It enriched and amused us, opening our minds to a new way to relate with others, and gave us a more empathetic way of dealing with the world. In short, the training was a great experience that changed us!” The FF crew

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