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I am burning the dead bodies for years.
This is my religion. I'll always do this + I'm happy.
After my studies, my dream is to teach poor kids.
Before I die I want to be with Christ.
Music + sewing class.
Birth + death are the worldly facts.
I'm retired from the Indian airforce.
After studying, I want to learn sewing.
I don't want to have a job. I want to
stay with my parents. I'm not studying.
I study in grade 1. I'll come everyday
to see Ganges + it makes me happy.
I come from a poor family. My father builds + repairs buildings. I will do this job, too, and I'm happy.
I want my family to always be happy - this is my dream.
I am brahman + worshipping is my family religion/business - I'll also do this + I'm learning.
I want to do sewing after my studies.
I am the King of the burning Ghat. From generation to generation my family's job is to give fire to the dead.
I've lived here a long time and I want to die here in
Kashi (old name for Varanasi) and get salvation.
Everybody of the world should change their
countrys' bad traditions and thinking.
Death is the biggest truth of the world.
I am Dome Raja Jandin Chaudhri. My work is to burn the bodies. This is my family business for generations.
After studying, I want to sew.
I'm not going to die!
After Varanasi I want to go work in Agra.
It is my heartfelt wish to die in Kashi
(Varanasi) because Swarga (heaven) is here.
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