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I want best wishes for my children - they can
study more + more, make their prosperity, make
good will + good impressions on the world.
After being elder, I will serve my parents
+ make more + more prosperity in my life.
I want that my children can be well settled +
study well + earn good money in the future.
Before I die I want to be a pilot.
I want to be a doctor!
In the future, I want to become a detective.
I want to be a flight attendant.
I want to take care of this haveli. I am looking
forward to many tourists coming here to give
me boxes (tips/gifts) when they come.
I want to give help and support the people who are poor.
I want peace all over the world and that
everyone lives together with love.
I want to serve the elderly + have a nice
easy end of my life when its my time to go.
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